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  • Prof. SC Saxena, Vice-chancellor, JIIT with Prof. Sundaraja Sitharama Iyengar, Program Chair in IC3-2019
    Prof. Sartaj Sahni, General Co-Chair, IC3, UFL, USA
    Prof. Kavita Bala Cornell University, USA, in IC3-2019.
    Prof. Ratnesh Kumar, Iowa State University, USA, in IC3-2019.
    Prof. Christos Douligeris, University of Piraeus, Greece, in IC3-2019.
    Prof. Sanjay Ranka, University of Florida, USA, in IC3-2019.
    Prof. Mainak Chaudhuri, IIT Kanpur, India, in IC3-2019.
    Prof. Soundar Kumara, Penn State College of Engineering, USA, in IC3-2019.
    Prof. Inderjit Dhillon, University of Texas at Austin, USA. in IC3-2019
    Sh. Dhanendra Kumar, Chairman, Competition Commission of India
    Prof. Shamkant B. Navathe, Georgia Institute Of Technology, Atlanta, in IC3-2018
    Prof. Rakesh Agrawal, President and Founder, Data Insights Laboratories, in IC3-2018
    Prof. Subhash Bhalla, IIT Delhi, India, in IC3-2018
    Prof. Manish Parashar, IEEE fellow, in IC3-2016
    Prof. Timothy A. Gonsalves,IIT Mandi, in IC3-2016
    Prof. K. Gopinath, IISc Banglore, in IC3-2015
    Prof. Ramesh Jain ,University of California, in IC3-2015
    Prof. Shashi Shekhar,University of Minnesota,in IC3-2015
    Prof. Yuanyuan Yang,Stony brook University, in IC3-2015
    Prof. H. J. Siegel, Colorado State University, USA, in IC3-2014
    Prof. Martin Henson, University of Essex, UK, in IC3-2014
    Prof. Dinesh Manocha, Universit y of North Calorina, USA, in IC3-2013
    Prof. H. T. Kung, Havard University, in IC3-2012
    Prof. Arvind, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in IC3-2010
    Oscar H. Ibarra,University of California, USA, in IC3-2009
    Prof. Viktor K. Prasanna, University of southern California, in IC3-2009

    The International Conference on Contemporary Computing (IC3) is jointly organized every year since 2008 by the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology (JIIT), Noida, India and the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. It focuses on topics that are of contemporary interest to computer and computational scientists and engineers. IC3-2022 will bring together researchers and practitioners from academia, industry and government to deliberate upon the algorithmic, systemic, applied, and educational aspects of contemporary computing. The conference is held in NOIDA (outskirts of New Delhi), India, and typically features multiple eminent keynote speakers, and presentation of more than 100 peer reviewed papers and exhibits.

    Key Persons of IC3-2022

    Prof Sahni
    Prof. Sartaj Sahni,
    General Co-Chair, IC3,
    University of Florida, USA
    Prof Iyengar
    Prof. S S Iyengar,
    Program Chair, IC3,
    Florida International University, USA.

    Keynote and Invited Speakers

    Ram D. Sriram
    Ram D. Sriram,
    Chief Collaborator,
    Software and Systems Division,
    NIST, USA.

    Prof. Prabhat Mishra
    Prof. Prabhat Mishra,
    Embedded Systems Lab,
    University of Florida, USA.
    Prof. Kannappan Palaniappan
    Prof. Kannappan Palaniappan,
    University of Missouri, USA.
    Prof. K. Madhava  krishna
    Prof. K. Madhava krishna,
    IIIT, Hyderabad, India.
    Prof. Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam
    Prof. Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam,
    IIT Madras, India.

    Important Dates
    Conference Date
    04-06 August 2022
    Full Paper Submission
    15th April 2022
    30th April 2022
    20th May 2022 (HARD DEADLINE)
    Author Notification
    01st July 2022
    Final Paper Submission
    25th July 2022

    Due to on-going pandemic situation, IC3-2022 will be conducted in ONLINE mode.
    Accepted papers, only when presented in the Conference by duly registered authors, will be submitted for inclusion to ACM ICPS ISBN Number: 978-1-4503-9675-2


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